A sense of place and belonging bonds our communities across the borough and this is strengthened through our many parishes that ensure a community voice at a very local level.

Within these parishes there are a number of organisations and support networks that knit together the fabric of our communities.

These organisations are often focused around the many community or parish halls, using these as a hub in providing links across the communities – for young and old alike.

That same sense of strong community also links beyond the borough through projects such as the development of community broadband, transport and radio.

Throughout the year there are a number of community events held across the borough which are highly supported year after year.

We are exceptionally proud of the low crime rate in the Ribble Valley, being much lower than average for the Lancashire area.

The health of people in Ribble Valley is also generally better than the England average, and our priorities include helping those with long term conditions such as dementia, improving access to services from rural settings, and reducing deaths from road traffic accidents.