The borough has many facilities for people to enjoy. Some are provided by Ribble Valley Borough Council and others by town and parish councils. A number are provided as part of educational establishments or sports clubs, whilst there are a range of private providers of fitness and wellness facilities. There is also a wealth of community and parish halls.

These facilities include the recently refurbished Ribblesdale Swimming Pool where there is a large 25-metre pool and a small, shallow pool. Neighbouring this facility is Roefield Leisure, a multi-purpose sports facility located in Clitheroe.

There are also a number of Courts, astroturf and outdoor pitches across the borough, including the Longridge Sports and Arts Centre. In addition to sporting facilities, the Platform Gallery is one of many arts venues to be enjoyed.

Good car parking facilities are located not just in our main centres such as Clitheroe, Longridge and Whalley, but also within our villages and around key walking areas.

Across the borough there is a variety of supermarkets to choose from and also a great selection of more independent retailers particularly within our main settlements of Clitheroe, Longridge and Whalley.

As well as using council run public conveniences, residents and shoppers in the Ribble Valley can also use toilets in shops and restaurants as part of the Community Toilet Scheme.